How can we make travelling easier for you?
Can we make a bag with new features?
HOISK started with an idea to give you a sustainable alternative to the cardboard box. Now we make duffel bags and carry-ons.
HOISK was born in 2016 by Karina Udland. Having an environmental focus I always look for sustainable products. So we make quality and produce in Norway. Rebel and share.
 Rasmus Udland Luberth has been one of the early testers and co-designer on details. He studies to be a product designer in Oslo Metropolitan University. I also have Hans Kvalsvik on the team. He specializes in general medicine. He is an inspiration with his medical knowledge and cheering.
Our motto is “Care for your playgrounds”. How can we now and in the future care for our environment? Sustainability is one of our core values. Repair, reuse, recycle. Our HOISK bag is a lifecycle product.
The model Rasmus is design registered in Norway and Europe.
Best Regards,
Rasmus in Oslo. We called the bag after him - so Rasmus x 2
Urban HOISK on Tjuvholmen in Oslo, Norway.
row row row your boat
Exploring the coast of southern Norway. In a dingy. With a dog. 





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Founder and CEO HOISK AS
Karina Udland
Tel: +47 92 80 90 92