How can we ease your travelling? HOISK carry-on in Tanzania

Sigurd carry-on from HOISK.
New carry-on from HOISK is perfect for travelling easy and light. Model Sigurd.

I wanted you to have an easy to carry, flexible and robust carry-on. Something new. This is a sneak preview of Sigurd. The carry-on that makes it easier for you to bring only hand luggage when travelling. Feel free to comment and make wishes. 

”Sigurd” carry-on fits most planes. Actually it is more of a backpack, as carrying on the back has been greatly improved, and that was all I used. I simply removed the strap for carrying. That way you have both hands free to handle the kids or buy coffee. We also put in a small easy accessible pocket on the outside of Sigurd for passport and tickets and cellphone. In the lid on the inside we made space for your laptop. Sigurd is flexible and still it will protect your luggage as it has 13mm insulation in all sides, lid and bottom. It measures 55 x 35 x 20cm and without wheels it leaves more room for you to pack. Sigurd folds in and out and gives you a great overview. Lid ”Geir” comes off all the way and can be used without the bag.

I have tested Sigurd on the plane from Oslo to Istanbul, from Istanbul to Dar es Salaam, from Dar es Salaam to Arusha (by Zanzibar in a Cessna!), around the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and back to Arusha. Then from Arusha to Zanzibar, on the boat from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam, on the plane from Dar es Salaam to Istanbul (we could see Bosporus!) and back to Oslo. Oh, and on the train from Oslo to Sandefjord. And Sigurd did great.

Carry-on Sigurd with lid Geir from HOISK.
Easy to find your stuff without opening your carry-on all the way. Model Sigurd with lid Geir from HOISK.

In the Serengeti we stayed in a tented camp guarded by a Masai warrior at night. I actually heard a hyena brushing against the tent wall the first night. The hyenas walked through the camp every night looking for food. We weren’t even allowed to bring a cup of coffee to the tent after dark, fearing a hyena break-in.

HOISK carry-on being tested in the Serengeti, Tanzania.
Sigurd carry-on with Geir lid from HOISK.

A leopard strolled through the camp on the day we arrived, and we saw it the next day close to the campfire. Lions roared close by protecting their territory. We actually  saw a male and two female lions enjoying the nights prey close to the camp. Well, our guard was a Masai and he guarded us with a stick, a club and his massive knife, much like a machete. We were safe. I could write a novel about the smells, the savannahs, the animals (we saw a leopard relaxing in a tree!), the people, the food, the hunt, the prey, the babies, the elephant herds…some other time.


Before leaving, I asked if someone would be willing to have a look at the HOISK bag and maYbe I could take some pictures? The Masai volunteered shyly and his friend insisted. We had some fun! Reactions were:

– It is very simple.

– Maybe a child can sleep in it?

– Can we buy it?

Thank you, guys. See you!