Thank you

Founder and CEO at HOISK, Karina Udland
Founder and designer at HOISK, Karina Udland

You wonderful strangers keep adding to our bank account. You inspire me and make me want to work harder to make our HOISK bag known and sell it to the world. I don’t know how to thank you all and that is why today I write HOISKs first blog post.

Maybe that is why you do it? To keep me going? There really are unselfish people out there. I wonder what keeps you ticking. What inspires you? What do you hope for with these kind gestures? Because if you let me know, maybe I could learn something. Maybe you have figured your life out and it is time to give back. The possibility of that keeps me humble. And I am so, so honoured you chose HOISK. Thank you.

We try to make HOISK to be more than about bags. We want it to be about our environment and how we treat it. That is why you can read about beach cleanings on our instagram account and G+. We really care. I try to change and adapt on a daily basis and part of that is sharing knowledge.

That is why I share with you my private G+ account where I have collected much that I need to remember on the topic. How to not use plastic, how to not buy new furniture when the old sofa still is wonderful, how to resist buying new clothes when I have everything I need and more, how to eat less meat. Some are hard and some are easy. It is amazingly hard not to buy new clothes, for instance. Must stop going to town. And travel less. I hope you will do this, too.

I know this is overwhelming sometimes, but picture this: you know these plants you can get now that live in a bottled up container and you don’t ever have to water it? It is self containing. That is you, us, the Earth. We live in a closed container where everything we ever make stays in here. Everything. Never going away.

Thank you again, my wonderful friends and helpers. I hope you are all well and I don’t know what makes you tick, but I hope you like our motto: ”Care for your playgrounds”.

Best regards,